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My 31yr old brother had a massive heart attack on Christmas eve... he was in cath lab/surgery for 5hrs 4 stints were placed in him.... he had many blood clots n the doc said he didn't think he was gonna make it outta surgery..but he did n we got 2 talk with him so mentally he is fine but he has pneumonia n they had2 put him on a ventilator cause he couldn't get enough oxygen he is still on it as he also has a blood infection sinus infection n is on many antibiotics n other meds he obviously is seated cause of the ventilator... i asked the doc if he could possibly have a fungual infection n they said the cultures check for that... his EF is only 15% rite now but he is holding his own..BP keeps goin low.. i feel like he wouldn't of made it this far if he wasn't gonna pull threw but a long road of recovery..just wondering if he continues 2 use the ventilator is that gonna b bad?? Just lookin 4 an opinion about all of this.. thank u...

Dear Christie,

I am so sorry for what he is going through. At 31 years old, it is uncommon to suffer from a 5 vessel disease. Was he born with a heart condition? Is he morbidly obese? Was he tested for a blood clotting disorder? The ejection fraction of 15% is very low, meaning that his heart is not pumping adequately. Is he in a hospital that is capable of performing open heart surgery?

Unfortunately, I can not give you an answer. It is not the length of time on the ventilator that is the deciding factor of his recovery, but rather why he is on it. Is he septic? Have his blood cultures identified an organism? If you can get the answer to even some of the many questions I have asked, it will allow me to assist you with a prognosis.  

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