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I've had Vonage for several years but they have really raised the prices (it's gone from $15 to $30).  I was wondering about Magicjack, which is nearly free with an internet connection after you buy the hardware.  Is it any good? I don't care about features other than voice-mail and caller ID which I know Magicjack has, I just don't want to be stuck with terrible call quality of too much bandwidth usage.  Do you know anything about it?


ANSWER: Hi Jeff,

I evaluated it right when it came out and again about a year ago. I was very impressed. It has retained what it promised. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: We're talking about Magicjack PLUS, right?  I got the regular version but it is a real pain because the computer has to be on at all times.  The Plus version provides a router-like device just like Vonage.

So would you definitely recommend spending $60 for a years phone service on MagicJack Plus over $30 a month for Vonage?  I found the call quality on the standard version to be somewhat poor, but is Plus version a big improvement?

Thanks so much.

Yes. If you were using Vonage, you have normal telephones at home. I understood you wanted to replace Vonage and retain your phones. Plus is the right alternative.

On a computer, Majicjack has to compete with other apps for resources. Plus sidesteps that.

Still quality is dependent on your internet connection and what is going on in your home network. If you had good quality with Vonage then you should be good to go.

Do you have other computers on your home network that may be consuming large data volumes (file sharing, downloading, etc?)

If not, it should be comparable.

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