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QUESTION: Dear Gerry


All incoming calls and outgoing calls are to be recorded made to
a cellphone device consumer from land line (wired) and cellphones, smartphones (wireless) devices.

i.e. The consumer can later on play all the calls received and send with the called date and time i.e. audio files.

The above devices mentioned in the link interfaced with the Cell Phone / smartphone device can solve the consumer business needs ?.

Software applications for voice recording on cellphones, smartphones can also address these business needs ?.

I Feel this is a critical Business application for all wireless phone devices.

As a example, Businessman interacts with so many people via voice calls apart from personal calls viz Existing clients, Prospective clients, vendors, suppliers, employees, partners etc. The calls made from his side and the calls which he receives are to be logged in call recording hardware device which is externally interfaced with the wireless phone device.


Call recording software applications built for the wireless phone devices which will record and playback those calls later.

In Fact, i feel this feature is useful for all the consumers who have purchased the wireless phone device.

In terms of second solution, the wireless call recording device (another gadget) will register the consumer wireless cellphone number will work on bluetooth technology, but the consumer has to carry every time along with his cellphone device.

I do not feel there will be any legal implications for building this software applications. But i will still forward my questions to mobile service providers.



Consumers get cellular service from any one of those service providers on their wireless handsets.

The Mobile service providers will built this service from software
development vendors i.e. The consumer will access the Secured Web application where all the calls are recorded and played as per the date and time. The data for each consumer will be kept strictly confidential as the application data will be secured, and in encrypted form (SSL).
The consumer has to pay to the Mobile Service providers for accessing and consuming this service.


Mobile Application built on the wireless cell phone / smartphone device by the Software Development vendors via Mobile service providers. The consumer has to approach the Mobile service providers for building the mobile application on their wireless device. The mobile application will log all calls (incoming and outgoing) i.e. physically the audio/sound files will be created and stored on the cell phone memory.

The Software Development vendor will charge the Mobile service provider for building this Software applications in both of the above solutions offered.


1. For both the solutions, the consumer approaching the Software development vendor directly for building this application on his/her wireless device without approaching the Mobile service providers has to be studied.

After getting feedback from Cellular service providers, the picture will become more clearer.

2. There could be technological challenges for building this web, mobile applications.

Does Skype application installation for wireless handsets fits into above business needs ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hello Prashant,

I think the simplest solution will be the device from ebay.

What kind of cell phones do the employees use? If they are Android devices, there already exist call recording applications in the android store (search for Call Recorder). These run in the background on the cell phone and record all in-coming and out-going calls.

Solution 1) will work but I am not sure if your cell phone provider will provide you with such a service. I think it is very un-likely although the technology already exists to do this using products such as Ascom.

Solution 2) is unlikely. Unless you plan to buy several million cell phones, they will not be interested.

The cheapest solution will be 1) the device from ebay or 2) issue all employees with an android cell phone and use the call recording application.

The skype based approach will not work reliably. It will keep crashing.

Please be aware that NO European or US country will let you record calls without you explicitly asking the other persons permission. This is a serious breach of data security and is punishable by jail term of at least 3 years. I would be VERY, VERY careful about doing this in your country.

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QUESTION: Dear Gerry

Thank you.

"Please be aware that NO European or US country will let you record calls without you explicitly asking the other persons permission. This is a serious breach of data security and is punishable by jail term of at least 3 years. I would be VERY, VERY careful about doing this in your country."

Can i interpret like this ?.

If i and you both have a Android cell device with cell recorder application installed, and i make a ISD phone call from India to you or vice versa, then you are not supposed to record our phone call conversation without taking my prior permission as well as i cannot record our phone call conversation on my android phone device without taking your prior permission ?.


Both Parties should know in prior that they are recording
their voice conversations. If this is implemented, then there is no problem legally ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, if both parties know they are being recorded and both agree, then there is no problem.

i.e. you must ask for permission to record the call at the very start of the conversation. You must record the "YES" or "NO" and then either keep recording or turn off the recorder before you continue the conversation.

Many call centres do this at the start. They play a recording saying the call me be recorded and if you do NOT agree you must press a button, otherwise they understand you are in agreement.

Legal offices and Banks may also record a part of a conversation, e.g. you want to transfer money from one account to the other - then the bank employee will ask you if they can turn on call recording to record your agreement to transfer the money. This is as valid as a signature on a piece of paper.

However, in all cases you MUST ask permission first.

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