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QUESTION: I need to be able to have caller A be connected to B in our IVR (uses Asterisk), and then caller C be able to call another number to listen in on the conversation between A and B.
However, A needs to have the option to be muted from C hearing his side of the conversation
ie. in that situation C will only eavesdrop on B.
I have this all working with Asterisk ChanSpy except that the ChanSpy 'o' option mutes B, and not A.
How can I prevent C from listening to A, but still listen to B ?

ANSWER: Sorry, I am not aware that Asterisk can do that. You would need a code modification.

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QUESTION: So, what code modification would be needed, and is this something you could help me with, please?

Unfortunately I do not have the bandwidth to help you at this level of detail for free.

I would however, begin the task by considering the recording capabilities of asterisk rather than the channel spy. With the recording of a call, you can separate the streams into two different wav files. Then you could create a number that allows you to stream the audio of B in "almost" real time, allowing you to hear B without A.

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