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QUESTION: Dear Gerry,

Good Day to you. I would like to know through which software I can trace out the IP of the computer. Someone is irritating me with the text messages on my cell through a website from his /her PC for past 2 weeks or so. I want to know the location and IP of that system so I may trace out who is he / she. Your immediate reply in this regard will be appreciated.



ANSWER: If you only have the text messages on your cell there is no way to track the IP of the person sending the messages. You can call your cell provider and ask them to block the messages from reaching your phone.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply. But every time when I receive the text, its from different no. (one of local cellular company). It is impossible to complaint the cellular companies to restrict different no. every time. Once again I want to confirm that there is no software to locate the location of the system from where it is executing.



No, sadly - you as a user have no debugging capabilities. Your provider on the other hand does. Even if it is coming from different numbers, they are the only ones that may be able to locate a sender.

If the texts are of a threatening or stalking nature, please - for your own sake - document it in a police report.

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