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QUESTION: Respected Gerry,
      Greetings! Hope Things good at your end. I have a delicate problem and i hope you might be able to help me. I have desktop computer and its dell gx 270 Model : N6016 Motherboard.
       Motherboard built in speaker and headphones are not working it says an error of code 10 with yellow exclamation on it.Without wasting any further time i inserted a Card that has speaker option ,2 modems option and a data connector of 15 pins on it.
       I want to use skype and i have used it but things are pretty complex when it comes to reaching out my voice. My voice cannot be heard to the other person but i can listen the other person's voice. Tell me a solution how could i resolve this issue and use substitute method for microphone.Is there any way out?



ANSWER: Hello Bilal,

which operating system are you running on your dell? Did you upgrade recently to Windows 7?

It sounds like the operating system can not find a driver for your sound card. This happens a lot when people upgrade their operating system. The new operating system does not support the old hardware.

If you know the make and type of the card you are using, you can go to their web site and try to find a driver for your operating system.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sir i am using Windows Xp and yes i would like to bring one important piece of information concerning device manager when i inserted the sound card
in Modems a SoftV90 Voice Speakerphone Modem was listed so i have installed its driver and there is no conflict in it even though i checked diagnostics
and it is successful
Could i use it as a mic in Skype?
Could you tell me more and guide me in its settings?

Hello Bilal,

no, unfortunately you can not use the voice modem as a microphone for skype. The digital speech processor on the card is only wired to listen for voice on an incoming telephone line. It does not expose this interface upward towards your operating system as a microphone that can be used for Skype.

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