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Hello. I hope that this is the right category for this question -- if not, I do apologize.

My question is regarding Google Voice, and, specifically, how to actually make calls with it. I go to my Google Voice inbox, click the red Call button, type in the number I want to call (just my own landline and cell phone for test purposes), and then click Connect. It then says right under that box "calling you," but nothing actually happens! So, the bottom line is that I'm unable to make calls. If you have any idea what might be going on here, any help would certainly be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Jordan,

I really can't help here very much as Google does not offer a lot of help or ways to help people debug issues. Either it works or it doesn't and if it doesn't Google doesn't really seem to care why...

I would go to their help page:

and from there to the voice issues page:

If you are doing everything correctly then I guess you are out of luck.

Consider reposting in another area. Maybe someone else has had better experience.



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