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QUESTION: hi Gerry!

I have two questions...

#1- I have a logitech ClearChat Stereo headset.
I want to plug in the two pins, but I don't know where. There are ports on the front and rear of the computer, but they don't have little pictures that would tell me what's what.
The instructions that come with the unit show connections, but they do so with little pictures which I don't have!
The rear of my computer has 3 ports, pink, yellow and blue. I use the yellow port to plug in my speakers.

The front of the computer has 2 ports, with the words:
"mic"   and    "headset".

Do I plug the two pins into these two ports? I'm new at this and I don't want to damage anything.

#2- one of my speakers has a port and a picture of a headset. But the pin of the headset is too small for the port, it is only usable for my phone. So does that mean that I need to buy another headset that fits into the speaker?

Thanks for your help.


ANSWER: Hi Chris,

you can either plug your headset into the rear of the computer or into the front. Front is probably easiest to get to. Your headset should have the two pins color coded. Generally pink means "mic" (microphone) and yellow means "headset" (speakers).

Try inserting the pink pin into the "mic" port and the other into the "headset" port.

Alternately on the back, insert the pink pin into the pink port and the yellow pin into the yellow port.

Generally speaking, you can't do much harm sticking them in the wrong way around providing your don't crank the volume way up to start off with.

I hope that helps.


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QUESTION: thanks for your reply, Jerry

Another question or two...
#1- The headset that I'm using has a microphone. Of what use is the microphone? I'm not on the phone, I want to listen to YouTube!

#2- My desktop speakers have a port in one of the speakers. My headset has two pins. Can I insert one of the pins in that port so that the headset takes the place of the speakers? or will that cause damage?

Perhaps I need a headset with only one pin. I actually have another headset with only one pin, but the pin won't fit into the speaker's port, it's too thin!

I'm confused. I hope my comments/questions are not confusing.



Hi Chris,

Yeah, you don't always need the microphone but it's there in case you do need it to talk to someone - for example when using Skype or something like that.

Think of it like the mirrors on your car. You don't always need them but they are there when you do.

Yes, you can stick your headphone pin into the side of your speakers too if that is more convenient for you.

Take care.

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