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QUESTION: I'm looking for an international VOIP company that will give me a phone number that charges per minute or per phone call for my iPhone jailbreak and unlocking service. I would prefer a Caribbean phone number since that is where my business is located. I just can't seem to find one.

ANSWER: The Caribbean is a huge area. Can you narrow it down? Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Leeward Islands...

There are not many carriers in that region offering service.

Where are you mainly located? I ask that, because it is possible to use a carrier located in USA for example. Calls from your cell to the Caribbean using a US VoIP provider are under 10 cents / min.

Then you can set up a cheap Linksys ATA adapter in your town in the Caribbean and register it with the same USA provider. It connects to a normal analog telephone jack in the Caribbean (in your office  or home) and via the Internet to the VoIP provider in USA. You can set it to route all calls to your USA VoIP number on your cell phone. As US carriers offer a flat rate for all US calls, the calls from the local Carribean number via the VoIP to your cell will be free (both for you and for the person in the caribbean calling you).

It also has the advantage that you can make calls to USA for free (just the flat rate fee) and receive calls to your cell from there too.

Let me know if you need more info.

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QUESTION: Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I am located in the British Virgin Islands, but I am not yet sure where my employees will be located, maybe India or maybe local (maybe local first and then when business builds up, India), that is why I am looking at a VOIP service. I am planning on having this service in every country in my area. I am not looking for a USA provider.

ANSWER: That part of the world really doesn't have anything. Prices would run around 32.5 cents (USD) per min. You are probably cheaper with local landlines or cellular services.

The only chance I see is to run your own Asterisk service and use your local land line via an ATA adapter.

If you would like to try that first, shoot me your email address and I will send you the registration credentials to one of my servers.

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QUESTION: Ok, how about any of the other islands Antigua, Dominica, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Leeward Islands?

When you say 32.5 cents, are you talking about if I call there? I was looking to charge people my company. Isn't that something I set on my end?

This whole area only has about two providers and the prices are the same for both.

In you original post you are talking about connecting your mobile phone via VoIP to a provider. Is that not what you want? I think I do not understand what you are trying to do.

My understanding was that you want to have employees in India act as employees in your company as if they were really in the British Virgin Islands, i.e. Your customers call into your company via a local telephone number in the Virgin Islands and then the call either gets routed to your cell phone or to your employees in India, right?

However, you may also want to call OUT-BOUND from your employees to your customers too, right? If you want to make OUT-BOUND calls you will have to pay for each call you make to your customers. This will cost at least 32.5 cents per minute for your company because the calls will go via their service.

Therefore I suggest you do not use a VoIP service provider, instead you have local ATA adapters on site in your office in the British Virgin Islands and use a standard land line for incoming and outgoing calls.

It would look like this:

Land-line  <-- a/b jack ---> ATA Adapter <-- VoIP --> Asterisk Server <-- VoIP --> SIP Client of employee

The SIP client of your employees can either be on your cell phone or as a soft client on a computer. This person can be anywhere in the world.

If my understanding is incorrect, please try to send me a clearer picture of what you are trying to achieve.

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