IP Telephony/computer telephony?


What is the hardware & software requirements to setup computer telephony?

I want to answer calls and sms through computer mic and speakers/headphones. Is there something by which we can connect our sim card to the computer ? what do call centers do? i have seen in movies that they use computers to answer the calls ......and also which have programming options .


some older type mobile phones came with a software program which you could install on a computer. You then connected your mobile phone to your computer using a USB or Serial Cable. Using the program you could send and receive SMS messages.

Today with modern smart phones, there is not much need for this kind of software any more. So no one provides it.

What you would need is a GSM modem. Here are some examples:



Here are some pictures:


Modern call centers use GSM modems or gateways, depending on call volumes.

Sadly, these things are quite expensive.

I hope this helps.

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