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QUESTION: hello, Gerry!

What is skype? Specifically, what device do I talk to, and what device do I listen to when the other guy is talking?



ANSWER: Hi Chris,

Skype lets to talk to people all over the world using your internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. It also allows you to send text messages and to see each other using video.

To use Skype you will either require a computer with speakers and a built in microphone, or using an external headset. These headsets can be purchased in most stores. They have speakers in the headset and a microphone that you can talk into. They plug into any USB port on your computer.

<img src="https://www.audiolinks.com/Planronics/H261N.jpg">

Ask at your local electrical store. I am sure they can show you a range of products.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your very prompt reply.
Regarding  the built-in microphone, is it built into the speaker?  if so, does that mean that I have to speak loudly? having the speaker close to my face (to avoid shouting)is not very convenient.


ANSWER: Hi Chris,

if you have a microphone, it will be somewhere built into your laptop. Normal stand-alone desktop computers generally do not come with microphones.

If you are lucky enough to have a microphone, it is sensitive enough to pick up your voice as you sit normal in front of your computer. You would not have to have it close to your face.


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QUESTION: Thanks again for your quick reply.

But I'm still in ignorance. Your remark, "It also allows you to send text messages and to see each other using video." bowls me over!
How do I learn to do these things...sending text messages and using video?


Hi Chris,

welcome to a brave new world...

Take a look at this short video.

How to use Skype

Perhaps it might help.


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