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Hi George!

I am currently sixteen years old, and I took an IQ test a few years back. I was around nine, but I don't really remember exactly when I took it or how old I was. I'm not going to get hung up on the results, I'm just curious, how accurate is that test compared to where I am now?

I've heard of IQ's changing, but does that happen regularly as people age?

It might be helpful to include that I had no idea I was taking an IQ test (it was for a brain study, and professionally administered), and probably didn't try very hard, knowing how I was.

Would you recommend me retaking the test when I hit a certain age? If so, what age would give the most accurate results?


Hello Lauren

I would like to say that the results are accurate for the specific age you take each test, let me explain this. If a child took a test on the age of 4 and the result is fantastic for example 135 and his/her parents let him/her to choose to do nothing at his/her life because he/she got bored of everything or maybe had depress or melancholia or whatever. if that child keeps work his iq meaning solving tests play puzzle games even tv games (most of them needs above the average iq to play ) then the results after some years may be the same or even better. if he/she doesn't work then the results may be worse. So its good to take an iq test now, but keep in mind that from your age and above is very difficult to increase your iq but from the age of 9 of course you can increase it but not with a big different.

The second part now, i believe that the perfect age for a child to take an iq test is the age of 4-5.

Thank you

George Papasavas

P.S : hope that one helps  

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