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IQ Tests/Why did my child's iq go down?


My daughter was given the WISC IV at age 7 years and 9 months. She received a full scale iq of 124.  Her verbal and non-verbal percentiles were in the 98th and 99th percentiles, working memory 75th, and processing speed 3rd percentiles.

She was just given the WISC V at age 9 and 6 months.  This time her full scale iq dropped dramatically to 111. Her percentiles were Verbal 77th, Visual Spatial 82nd, Fluid Reasoning 66th, Working Memory 93rd and Processing Speed 27th.  

I have a hard time understanding how a person's iq can change so dramatically, especially within such a short timeframe.  She was not ill at the time of testing, and had received a good nights sleepe.  I am not sure what to make of these conflicting scores.

Dear Amber,

First of all sorry for the little delay caused as i was abroad.

Let me explain to you. Iq is not just a number, which you can get from a test and thats it, you have that IQ, of course not, IQ results valued for the time of the test only,( i mean the period of course, not only that moment) , During the childhood children have to train so to keep their IQ high, and to train i don't mean to solve IQ tests all the day but to be involved in several IQ games or intelligent activities, in school and after school as well. Your daughter shoed a dramatical fall but that was after almost 2 years period. Two years where children developed, their knowledge their friendships, their activities, their life. ( games e.t.c) If your daughter in that period of time changes some of her activities, or some of her friends or some of her games, means that she worked less her IQ skills. Moreover IQ needs training, if you want her to keep a high IQ then try to push her to play intelligent and riddle games, with a motivation you know better, push her to increase her verbal abilities and of course her processing speed, I told it many times in my answers that IQ is not just an answer on a test but the pressure of the time for that answer, The correct time limit gives us the correct IQ results.

Hope this one helps

Kind Regards

George Papasavas
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