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Hi, so I have always worked hard and diligently and sometimes stayed up late doing homework.

This semester I took more courses then normal and I was concerned I would not keep up or get a decent grade so I would meditate and rest as much as possible and I did not pull a single all nighter.

Now its gotten to the point where I will meditate for 20 minutes every time I study for 30 - 40 minutes for class. Am I spoiled?

I find that this semester even though I am taking 2 courses more than normal, I have a higher gpa this semester then any other semester - So far 1 A+ and 1 A- and my remaining grades have not come out yet as I still have some exams to do and the professors take 2 weeks to grade your final exams and papers .

am I meditating too much? Do I need more discipline? Is this a problem?

First of all sorry for the delay.

Of course this is not a problem , not even a luck of discipline, i would say the opposite. Any student can find a way to study and increase his gpa is almost a way to be discipline. About the meditaion now, you can keep doing it if you think is helpful for you, but i cannot reccoment it to everybody, thats why as i previously mentioned its a way you can study better, we can find other situations that students want loud music to study or a movie to play background or any other way you can imagine, meditation is a helpful way for you, so keep doing it, and keep focus on your courses to increase your gpa every semester. No problem at all my friend.

Hope that one helps. Keep the good work.

Kind Regards

George Papasavas

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