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Mr Rao,

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise on All Experts!

I need help setting up a VPN on my home pc to access while away from home via my Android smartphone.

I know that with a dynamic IP that I will have to reset the IP without notice and hopefully if fulfills my needs until I can afford a static ip.

Current progress:
established a VPN connection in network connections
identified current dynamic ip address
identified that there are some things I don't know

What are the steps necessary to complete this?


Mr Javier,
Thank you for the nice words! I am giving a link below as to how you can manage configurung your VPN over dynamic IP. I am acknowledging the website host of this site for giving reply to you. You may, if any more problems arise, contact this site. They will be able to guide you with necessary version updates for Android Apps.

Hope you will be able to enjoy your Dynamic IP VPN.


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