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Hi Sir, why is the concept of sine wave very important in the field of communications? Can you please elaborate in detail. Why only sine wave and not other waves? Sorry for my ignorance.

The existence for a point somewhere in nature has periodic behavior with virtual center. The line between virtual center and the point is defined as radius. Once we rotate the radius in a uniform way we get a circle. Similar to virtual center as reference for a circle, we define two more reference coordinate axes x and y. Now the original radius makes an angle between empirical 0 degrees and 360 degrees. This angle is defined as theta. The movement of that point from start point and to start point is defined as periodicity. The rate at which the point is moving is considered angular velocity.

Subsequently two trigonometric functions defined as
sin(θ)=projection of radius on y-axis/radius
cos(θ)=projection of radius on x-axis/radius

The movement of the point on the circle is defined as

√(〖〖(rsin(ωt+θ))〗^2+(rsin(ωt+θ))〗^2 )=r

This is the reason why sine wave is considered fundamental waveform and every other waveform is in a derivative form of sine form.


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