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Hello Mr.Rao,

  I am feeling shy to ask a query to a man of such expertise on wide areas of study.

  I want to purchase a wireless router for my home (medium). As there are many companies with wide range, I am a bit confused. I am presently using "Dlink dir 524" (old one), I hardly get a signal from 10 meters away.
  I checked on internet for range of models, I saw a model "D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N 150 Cloud Router", this is within my budget for home. But, I am apprehensive about the word "cloud" and the security concerns for browsing info, personal data etc., and also that this is a Taiwan/chinese company.

  What is the difference between "D'link Dir-600L" & "D'link Dir-600M". Which one is preferred?

  Can you throw some light on it and suggest me any other router (any company including Dlink) at the earliest, as wish to purchase immediately.


Hi Mr Sumazu,
Nice of you for the compliments.
Dont worry on the commercial/marketing names of the router!!! Cloud does not mean anything extra, it is purely a marketing addition to a model. Specifications do matter and the router speeds are for consideration: 150 Mb is trhe controlling spec. You can safely take that. Now a days CLOUD has come to be the buzzword for Access Technology where the corporate use of Cloud services is in increasing trend. Also, you need not worry on Taiwanesee/Chinese versions as you say. It is the design of original D- Link: only manufactured in the places, wherever in the globe it may be.
So if the budget allows you may change to the Router without any worry.
There is 600 N also. there is not much difference in any of these L, M or N etc. so long the version id is same.
word of caution is check with your service provider also for compatibility and that matters most!


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