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Hi Royden,
I am an AE expert in the category of Exporting & Importing goods.

In my company, we use email to communicate but this is a very inefficient form of communication for the sort of collaborative work we do. I would like to replace email communications with a bulletin board (BBS) style or Forum-style communications system in which all communications take place through the forum/board. I will be the moderator or sysop, as it were.  Interestingly, quick searches on line failed to find any companies offering forums or bbs platforms for businesses that want to use these as their collaborative communications system in place of emails. What is your advice and recommendation for how to go about setting up such a system for my business?  Thank you, Hank


I am the global Enterprise Architect for DHL Express, so we live this regularly.  Structured Messages are the best form of message transfer as the various segments can be validated for structure, codes and valid conditions.  The use of a BBS is probably NOT the best (20 y/o technology).  I would suggest a web-forum, with some structured forms backed by a light portal where people could be guided through the completion of the forms.  The forms would basically be nothing more than a front end to form XML messages which then could be transmitted to a "receiver or process handler" form with intelligent processing on it.  The various customs, TSA, (known Shipper) rules could all be managed back-end based on the data collected.  The cost of such a system depends on whether you go to an overblown development hours or a niche developer.  I recommend the later.  The total cost of something that could handle a 10,000 messages a day would be about 40-60K USD, with a monthly run cost of about 2K (if hosted externally) or 300 a month is self supported.  I am not sure of the size of your business.

To facilitate the transfer of your current customers, you could have a VBA developer generate a Outlook form which would be similar to the portal for about 3K

I hope this helps.

Royden Akerley

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