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We (3 adults in 40s in good physical shape) will be traveling in ID May 26-28. A particular goal of this trip is to explore "City of Rocks" + several hot springs. Please, if you can, help me with the following questions:
1) How long time do we need to spend in City of Rocks to get a good idea of what is this all about?
2) There are two commercial hot springs in general area of City of Rocks: Nat-Soo-Pah near Hollister + Miracle Hot Springs near Buhl (the last even offers accommodations). If we had to choose, which one would you reccommend?
3) We also plan to explore some non-commercal hot springs. At this point, I think of: Gold Bug near Salmon, Wild Rose near Carey, Pine Flats near Lowman and Upper Loon Creek near Stanley. Do you have any comments or suggestions with regard to these four places?

Thanks a lot,

Hello Alexei,
 You could spend a day exploring City of Rocks.  There are over 20 miles of hiking trails and technical rock climbing.  
 Here is the website:
 I know that Nat Soo Pah has a large swimming pool and RV Camping.  I'm not familiar with Miracle Hot Springs.
  Here's the website I found:

   The non commercial hot springs are in many places in Idaho.  They have their own charm, and some are easy to get to, and some not so easy.  I'm sorry I can't be  more particular but I haven't been to the Springs you name.  I did find a website that describes Idaho's hot springs.

  I'm hoping that these sites help you with your plans.  Idaho is so very beautiful that I'm sure that whatever you do will be memorable.  One thing that I will advise about commercial hot springs is to ask to see the private tubs/pools BEFORE you pay for them.  Most are nice, but some are not as well maintained as I'd wish them to be.  
  Have a wonderful time, and please write back if I can help you find any other information.


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