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I dont know why I'm thinking Idaho, it do know it's a western state, i do know that.

Her is the clue:  It might be a cold day here before Hollywood comes back, but you can still find a shell of it's former glory.  What's it's name?

(could it posiibly be Frontioe Town)

What do you think?


Sorry, but the only place I connect to Hollywood in Idaho is Sun Valley, and it's still very much there, and still has many well known part time residents.  Here's a website about the area:
 There are a lot of ghost towns in Idaho and all over the west.............maybe this site will help you :

  Good luck, and if you can think of any further clues, maybe I will be able to help.  


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We lived in Idaho for many years, and traveled extensively while there and whenever we have a chance now. We love Idaho, it`s cities and mountains. It truly is a place that IS what America WAS. I can help with information on campgrounds, RV Parks, and particularly the SW area of the State, as we lived in Boise, and also in the mountains north of Boise, although we have been to all areas of Idaho.


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