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Generally in Boise and Mountain Home, when does the water get warm enough to start water sport on an average year?

Hello Nick,
  I'm so sorry it has been so long since you sent your question.  I was out of the country and had put a vacation hold on my AllExperts name, but it evidently didn't get to the Idaho section.  I am sorry.
  When we lived in Boise, we were able to use our unheated pool in May, and the public lakes did not warm enough to swim without wet suits, etc, until late June or early July. People did boat earlier in the year.   I would think that the average  would depend on what sport you are considering, whether or not wetsuits are used, and your personal tolerance for cold.  
   Here is a website that will give you some idea:

     Again, I am sorry it took so long to answer your question, and I hope this information helps.  


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