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GTB wrote at 2009-03-20 19:44:15
Polk salad is safe to eat if you follow certain steps.  And I do recommend it.  In the spring when the plant comes up, you pick the fresh leaves when they are less than seven inches long.  My mother and I went searching for them every spring.  You wash them good, and then boil them at least twice for five minutes.  Drain water inbetween boiling, drain, clean pot, and when you have done this at least twice, then you cook as you do any other greens.  You may add bacon, or drain most of the water and add an egg and stir to scramble it in the greens.  It taste just like spinich.  Do not eat the berries, or stalks.  I do recommend this.

Lynne wrote at 2013-05-28 14:04:57

Old people have been cooking polk salad for years and well yeah, they eventually died BUT NOT from eating polk salad.  My husband and I eat it all the time.  Normally it does not come back in the same spot; but, we have been lucky it keeps coming back.  The way we cook it:  Pick the leaves and boil in salted water.  Pour that water off, and cook with a little onions, seasonings, pepper or whatever you like.  I like to stir our in a little olive oil, onions and pepper or you can boil it with a little ham or hamhocks.  Very tasty!  His grandfather would make polk berry wine and lived to 90 lol and ate the greens -- old folks would especially look for it in the spring and use the leaves and water as a tonic to clean them out lol -- happy eating.  Lynne

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