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unknown plant
unknown plant  

unknown palm
unknown palm  
Please see the attached photos
I don't know what these ferns are exactly and I want to know so that I can look after them properly.
I am assuming that different ferns require different maintenance.
That may not be so but I would still like to identify them, with your help.
They are growing in pots outdoors in the tropics, Malaysia to be exact.

There are over 650 species of ferns in Malaysia...Yours appears to be an upright fern variety...There are many of them also...
Regardless, fern care is basically the same...
Direct morning sunlight (especially up till Noon) is good for most plants. Few ferns will tolerate direct sun lite...They just need a bright location...Inside most will do best in a morning sun exposure...
Plants usually die from too frequent watering (or letting stay dry too long)...Water your plant based on how much it weighs when thoroughly watered VS when they are ready to be watered again...Most plants die from too frequent waterings, not from how much water you give them at one time. Pick the pot up and feel how heavy it is after watering it thoroughly. Don't water it again until it feels considerably lighter and the top of the soil is light in color. Spray mist your ferns a couple times per week to keep the leaves clean and the humidity higher... Periodic fertilizing is necessary to help them stay healthy...
You need to check with a local garden center before deciding what to do with your particular fern...Take your pictures with you when you visit them to help you identify it...
Hope this info helps...
Good luck
Rick in southern New Jersey  

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