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I am using this plant latex for a research but i am having difficulties identifying it.
The plant sample was collected within the University of Ibadan campus, Nigeria (the plant is not ornamental)
It is a creeper creeping very high and covering the  tall trees that support it thereby forming shade. New branches attach with tendrils.
Hairy young/new branches. The hairs are brown in colour
It is woody with some of the matured branches about 7-10 cm in diameter.
It oozes out white gummy fluid when cut is made on made on any part of the branches (young and matured).
No flowers, no fruits as at the time of collection of this information.
The leaves blade is entire(not serrated)  with net venation, oblong in shape, acuminate tip, obtuse base, smooth surface, the abasial of the midrib is hairy, short hairy petioles.
The leaves are arranged in pairs opposite one another successively
The plant was suggested to be ylang ylang climber (artabotrys spp) by a friend.
I will be very happy if u can help me out.

Flowering plants are classified by the structure of their flower...Since plant types vary from area to area plants that grow in your area do not necessarily grow in other areas of the world...I would need to see a picture of the flower and the fruit it produces after it is pollinated to be real sure...Pictures of the spent flower would also be helpful...
I have looked at numerous plants like the one you want to ID...I think your friend is close in identifying it...The leaves do look like a ylang ylang climber (artabotrys spp)...I think it may be an Artabotrys hexapetalus ylang ylang vining plant ...Wait till it flowers and then send me some  pictures...
Or to get quicker results take the pictures to a local garden authority for them to ID it using the flower and fruit...
Hope this helps...
Rick in southern New Jersey,USA

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