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Good afternoon, in a course of Botany that I offer in Universidad del Valle Sede Pacifico (Buenaventura, Valle, Colombia) I arose a doubt, I have two plants which I consider to be Lamiaceae family, would belive that both are the genus Mentha, one is called Menta and the other hierbabuena, if you can clarify which species are, very much, Annex imagnees

Gustavo Isaza Guzman
It is hard to tell from the 2 pictures you supply...Plant types vary from area to area...
Flowering plants are classified according to their flower structure...So it is important to see the structure of mature flowers to determine classification...It also helps to have a look at the leaves stems, and trunk areas plus the whole plant...

A better way to answer your question is to take the pictures (with open flower pictures) to your local horticulture center for them to ID it...You may have to visit more than one to find someone knowledgeable of the plants commonly grown in your area...
Hope this helps...
Rick in southern New Jersey,USA  

Identifying Unknown Plants

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