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pink flower
pink flower  
I have this plant growing near my house and I would like to know if it poisonous or not, I have children and animals and want to keep them safe. Thank You

Hi Virginia,

This is American Euonymus (Euonymus Americanus).  It has several common names - Heart's a bustin', Deer Ice cream, Strawberry bush.  As you might guess from the name, it's a favorite food of deer.  It is not generally held to be toxic, but neither would I call it edible.  Eating too many of the berries (which aren't tasty to humans) could cause stomach upset and diarrhea, but so would eating too many grapes.  In fact, grapes would be more lethal to dogs.  I wouldn't worry about this plant.  Most common houseplants are a greater threat to pets and children than Strawberry bush.

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