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Identifying Unknown Plants/dwarf or regular walter's viburnum


How can I tell whether I have a dwarf or a regular sized Walter's Viburnum. I bought it at either Walmart or Lowe's, it is a about a foot tall, wider than it is tall. The tag did not say dwarf, just walters viburnum. Can I tell by leaf size or any other characteristic? Maybe berries or flowers?

My guess is that it is not a dwarf variety or it would have said so on the label...The only way to be sure is to plant it and see how tall it is 5 yrs from now...The dwarf variety should not get much taller than 5' while the regular variety should grow to 10-15'...Leaf size can vary from one plant to another of the same species naturally (genetic variation)...
You could contact a local nursery grower (check the phone book for ones near you) who grows both varieties to question them on your problem...
Take it back to where you bought it and question them on their labeling accuracy...
Good luck...
Rick in southern NJ

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