Identifying Unknown Plants/Backyard plants


Blue Flower
Blue Flower  

White Flower Bush
White Flower Bush  
Got a couple simple ones here. I'm trying to become more familiar with my local plant life, and I'm starting with my back yard. Hope you don't mind some questions that aren't very adventurous =]

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time and energy.

Thank you so very much for offering this service.

Hi Forrest,

I'm always thankful for easy questions :} - harder to let people down.  Actually, I had to look the shrub up.  Almost everything grows in California. Must be nice.  Ok - the blue flower is "Forget me Not" (Myosotis).  The wonderful shrub is Mexican Orange Blossom (Choisya Ternata).

Thanks for your question.  I'd love to help if you find anything else you can't identify.  

Identifying Unknown Plants

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Susan Tabor


I can identify most weeds, ornamentals,and wild plants by description or photo. If it is completely unknown to me, I can usually type info into a botanical search engine and find it. I am familiar with unusual plants from all over the world.


Thirty-five years of research and experience in horticulture.

You already have that information. I'm just listing myself in a new catagory.

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