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through this site i was able to identify the pokeweed plant that appeared in our yard 5 years. now wondering if what i am seeing are seeds in the shaft of the weed. all neatly stacked, they are a half inch in diameter,about 1/8 inch thick, with a papery-white center surrounded by a rind-like rim.
also, what is the best way to grow them if they are indeed seeds.
thank you!

Pokeweed is a common name for numerous similar plants...You need to go on your internet search engine to find out more about your particular pokeweed plant...Use the binomial latin name of your particular plant that you identified 5 years ago...The seeds in most pokeweed plants are in the fruiting berries...You need to know which pokeweed plant you have before deciding how to harvest the seeds and grow new plants...
Sorry I could not be more help...
good luck...
Rick in southern NJ  

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