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Plant Type One
Plant Type One  

Plant Types One and Two
Plant Types One and Tw  
There are some plants growing wild in my Las Vegas, NV backyard that I would like to identify.  I have attached photos -- I have additional photos/closeups that I would be happy to send to you if they would be helpful.

Plant Type One -- looks like a flat-leaf/garlic chive, but the flowers are purple instead of white.  In particular, I'm wondering if this is a type of chive and if so if it is safe to eat.

Plant Type Two --  has different-shaped and brighter purple flowers -- it grows close to the ground like lantana, but the leaves are different than lantana -- sort of lacy looking.  

There is a third type --  looks similar to the first type, but with wider leaves and no flowers.  

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi Maria,

The first plant looks like society garlic- pick a leaf blade and crush it - it will smell like garlic.  The second looks like moss verbena.  The third may be onion chives or garlic chives, which can both be identified by the scent the crushed leaves give off.  Chives will eventually bloom white flower clusters.  
If there is no onion/garlic scent, it may be some type of lily.

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