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Strange plant
Strange plant  
I have a strange plant growing in my flower garden. It's very large, and the flowers on it grow under the leaves hidden from the sun, they are yellow and rubbery. Kind of looks like squash or some sort of melon....I haven't planted any squash though. I do have a cantaloupe plant growing in a different area of the yard, but it looks nothing like this plant....could it be a watermelon?

Yes, it could be a watermelon plant...The leaves look like watermelon leaves...The flower is similar to a watermelon flower...A stray seed may have found its' way into your garden...
Flowering plants (angiosperms) are classified by the structure of the flowers they produce...Your picture does not show much of the flower structure...
Looks like you will have to wait until the fruit appears...It shouldn't be long now...
Good luck
Rick in southern NJ

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