Identifying Unknown Plants/American Holly?


Someone is selling these Hollies, but are they American Hollies?

The pictures you show look like American Holly plants...Only the person selling you them knows their origin...To be sure you should buy from a reputable source...Miss-identification does happen...I only bought my plants from reputable dealers...Most had labels on them...

American hollies are Ilex Opaca (Latin binomial name)...They are native species of the east coast USA...

There are over 1000 cultivars of American Holly...And there are also male and female plants...The female plants produce numerous red to yellow 1/4 to 1/2 inch berries in the Fall that last until early spring...They are considered evergreens (keeping their leaves through the winter)...

Some are tree varieties and others are bush varieties...Their flowers are greenish/white and produced in the spring...They usually do not produce flowers until they are 5-7 years old...The bark is smooth and grayish to brown in color...They have stiff, glossy, spiny dark green, leaves...The leaf color can vary depending on age and nutrional conditions...
Normally they are naturally pyramidal in shape...

Hope this helps...
Rick in southern NJ  

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