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I have a plant growing in my flower garden that I have no idea what it is, can you help identify it for me?

Hi Kyle,

I'm sorry I can't identify it instantly from this basal rosette picture.  Here is what I can tell you.  It might be merely a very healthy wood sage.  When it sends up a flower, a positive identification can be made.  Other than wood sage, it doesn't look like any of the common weeds with basal rosettes, ie, dock, burdock, mullien, evening primrose, etc.  It could be a volunteer ornamental plant.  Also, your garden appears to be extremely well cared for.  Weeds in optimum conditions can look entirely different from ones in their natural habitat - it can effect their leaf shape, size, and color.

What you could do is bring this picture and a couple of leaves to your local nursery and they may be able to id it for you.  Keep the leaves fresh in a zip lock bag with a wet paper towel and an ice cube.  A local guy will be able to see the underside of the leaf, feel if it's smooth or fuzzy, notice any sap or distinctive smell, or other tell-tale characteristics you don't get from a photo.
If you get an answer, I'd love it if you'd let me know.

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