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Identifying Unknown Plants/plant that looks like cucumber


QUESTION: I have a plant that is growing like a cucumber plant. The leaves are smaller and more round than the cucumber leaves. The vine is growing so long. The plant has very sharp pokies all over the stems. More so than the cucumber. There are no flowers on the vine. I thought it might be a horned melon but now, I'm not sure. It's been growing for the past 3 months. What could it be?

ANSWER: Hi George,

It is probably a Dudaim melon, also called a smell melon or musk melon.  They are a bad weed for Cantaloupe growers in your state, because although inedible  themselves, they will cross with other melons.  Eventually, your vine will develop yellow flowers and small, yellow-orange fruit if I'm correct.  Once upon a time it was used in the perfume industry - it smells much better than it tastes.

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unknown plant
unknown plant  
QUESTION: Hi Susan! I have a picture that shows better than my word description. So far no flowers or fruit. Do you still think it's a Dudaim melon?


Hi George,

I hope it proves me wrong, but I'm afraid so.  Cucurbits have male and female flowers, and the males will appear first with nothing to fertilize, so don't be suprised when they fall off.  Eventually, it will all come together.  If you think about it, let me know when it's a definite something!

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