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unknown beauty
unknown beauty  

I recently bought this plant and I love it but  I don't know what is it.

p.s. on a different subject: I have a Licuala Grandis (50 cm high)and I would realy appriciate it if you could tell me specificly
how much to water and how to fertilize it.

ANSWER: Hi Aytek,

This plant is Isolepis Cernua - common name, Fiber-Optic Grass.  It is really a type of Sedge, and unlike most plants, it doesn't ever want to dry out.  It likes moist to wet conditions.

Your Ruffled Fan Palm also likes moist soil and some shade relief in the hottest part of the day until it's mature and can tolerate full, hot sun.  It loves high humidity, which you can create artificially by misting it at least 2 or 3 times daily.

Most palms require extra magnesium in their fertilizer, so use a fertilizer that is formulated specially for palms, or add a teaspoon of epsom salts per foot of plant height to general fertilizers.  Magnesium deficiency causes yellowing of the fronds from the tip back toward the center.

Thanks for your question.  If I can be of further help, let me know.

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Thank you for your answer.

I couldn't find a fertilizer especially  made for ruffled fan palm, so I bought liquid magnesium. But I don't know how often or how much I should use it. I have a general purpose fertilizer for plants w/ green leaves.

Long story short: I don't have any idea how to fertilize this beauty.

How u can help me.



ANSWER: Hi Aytek,

We're going to have to experiment a little, because I don't know if your palm is in a pot, how big it is, what percent of your liquid mg is inert, etc.  No big deal.  It is easier to add than take away, so begin with 5 drops per gallon of water.  Use that once every 2 weeks.  This might be enough to maintain it if it doesn't have a mg deficiency already.  If you see any signs like yellow leaf tips, increase to 10 drops per gallon of water.  It's water soluble, so you're not going to hurt it.  Keep using your general fertilizer like you normally do.  

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QUESTION: Susan I hope I am not taking too much time of yours but here is a photo of it.

My ruffled fan palm is 20 inches high in a 7 inche deep pot.

I never used any fertilizer on it yet since it is a new plant of mine.

I don't even know how regularly I should feed it.

Hi Aytek,

Is your fertilizer water soluble, like Miracle Gro, or is it a slow release encapsulated type like Osmocote, or is it granular?  What is the N-P-K analysis?  That would be numbers like 13-13-10.  Also list any micronutrients listed on the label - ie, iron (fe)-10%.  
Let me know and we'll go from there.  Happy to help.

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