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Identifying Unknown Plants/Tree with orange fruit?



This tree grows in the fields where my landlord keeps his cows and horses. It started having these green fruits (I think they're fruits) around late spring/early summer. They just started turning orange. I attached an image of a fruit and a clipping from the tree. The fruit has a faint aroma that smells familiar, but I can't identify it. It has seeds on the inside, oval and brown.

Hi Justin,

That is a persimmon.  I can't tell size from the picture, but if the fruit is around golfball size it's the wild, native one (Diospyros Virginiana).  Japanese persimmons would be twice that size.  They are edible and good when soft - deer and other wildlife love them - but don't bite into one that's still firm unless you want to feel that all the saliva has been sucked out of your mouth for about 5 minutes.  They make a really good sweet bread, like gingerbread, but also pudding, beer, etc.  There are dozens of recipes on the web.

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