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Office Plant
Office Plant  
Inherited this plant in my new office which is south east facing. Might take it home to my apartment which is northwest facing.

Trying to figure out what this plant is and how too bring it back to life?

Hi Carol,

The tall one is a type of Croton.  Then, you have a parlor palm, and what looks to be a Chrysanthemum trailing at the bottom. It looks like typical houseplant abuse - being overwatered followed by not being watered at all.  I would transplant into new potting soil with good drainage and a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote.  You can separate the plants into individual pots, or replant the whole thing as it is, but you might be prolonging the inevitable.  The parlor palm will take the lowest light.  I doubt you can get the Mum to bloom indoors.  If the Croton gets too leggy, you can cut it back, which will make it bushier.

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