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Invasive plant
Invasive plant  
Hi Susan,

I was hoping you might be able to identify the evil, invasive plant taking over my planter so that I may eradicate it completely.  It sure grows like a weed! I try to hand pull them, but the roots go down so deep ( the white root balls are clustered and stringy- remind me of alfalfa sprouts). I even noticed the ground bulging up, and could see a new cluster of sprigs breaking through soil surface; I got a small shovel and tried digging out the clump, but the roots went down quite deep and I was unable to dig completely out. I  live in southern California.
Thank you so much for being here to offer help!

Hi Dana,

Did this weed just appear amongst desirable plants that you planted in new potting soil?  The reason I'm asking is because they look a lot like Crepe Myrtle suckers.  If this planter ever contained a dwarf crepe myrtle, and the plant was ripped out, any roots left will form new trees.  In fact, that is how the tree is field propagated in the Southern US.  I have places where I've removed a tree, and years later I am still weeding out the suckers.  

Whatever this deep rooted weed is, I'm afraid you're going to have to use extreme measures to eradicate it.  You can entirely replace the dirt and replant, or use a paint brush and an herbicide like "round-up".  Even that may not kill it, but only stunt it, giving it a "witches broom" appearance.
I'm sorry I don't have a better solution for you.

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