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I'm not sure if this is your area of expertise.  Please see the attached photo I took of a "tree" behind my house.  It looks like a nut or fruit tree of some sort. Do you know what it is?  My husband and I moved here, (Phoenix, Arizona) from the northeast and have never seen one of these trees.  Thanks

Hi Patty,

The picture is blurry, so I need more to go on.  Just from the shape of the branches and the color of the flower, I'd say it might be a crybaby tree (Erythrina), also called fireman's hat, because of the shape of the individual flowers.  Does it have thorns anywhere?  I can't even tell the shape of the leaf from the picture.  Google a picture of a Crybaby tree and see if that's it.  If not, try to send me a couple of clear pictures - a close-up of the leaf and flower, and a picture of the whole tree.

Identifying Unknown Plants

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I can identify most weeds, ornamentals,and wild plants by description or photo. If it is completely unknown to me, I can usually type info into a botanical search engine and find it. I am familiar with unusual plants from all over the world.


Thirty-five years of research and experience in horticulture.

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