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Unripe Barries*
Unripe Barries*  

Ripe Barries*
Ripe Barries*  
I live in South Florida, West Palm Beach to be exact, I've lived here for about 25 years and have noticed these bushes almost everywhere I've lived and have always wondered what the... I guess barries on them were; however, no one has ever been able to tell me about them. I've tried to include the best images I could to aid in figuring out what they are. I've had some people tell me they're poisonous and just have always assumed that to be true because it was always children trying to pick them.

Hi John,

That is a Surinam Cherry (eugenia uniflora).  The berries are edible, but they have a slightly bitter principal - less so in the species which produces black berries.  The seeds are resinous, and shouldn't be eaten.  The fruit can be made sweeter by refrigeration and by adding sugar.  These hedges are so prevalent that they are also called "Florida Cherry".  They can be made into jams, jellies, pies,wine, liquer, etc.  Children eat them raw, when fully ripe.
Just google "Surinam Cherry", and there are lots of photos, recipes, and information about them.

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