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stem of aloe-type that gets small flowers
stem of aloe-type that  
I know their types of succulents but havent been able to find the exact kinds. Every site I read had different answers! The 1 on the left has "babies" around the base & gets long stems once, myb twice a yr that have small white/green flowers, gettin ready to bloom again! & this last time it even had a baby pop up on the long green stem! It also has spots on the leaves that are kinda spikey/hard feelin. & the 1 on the right looks like a kind of jade plant or somethin! The leaves fall off very easily but will re-root themselves pretty easy! I was wondering if I should move them to separate pots & if the pots should be just big enough for the root ball or if they need 1 bigger than the rootball to grow more? Just know some do better in smaller pots. If you can help me with any info on them thatd b awesome! Thanks so much!!   *Tiffani*

Hi Tiffani,

The first is Haworthia, and the second is a sedum called "Burro's tail".  Since they are doing so well, I would just transplant the pups rather than the mother plants.  You are right about succulent plants doing better in smaller pots - that way they can't be easily over-watered.  You can find lots of info on them on the internet, but I don't know that I'd do anything differently like feeding or transplanting. you might be trying to "fix" something that isn't broken!

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