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Cut open  

My mom brought this to me. All i have is what's in the picture. It's round, green, doesn't emit an odor until cut open, and has a pointed tip on the bottom. My mom said the plant she got it from usually bloom in the fall. She doesn't remember what the blooms look like though, and I haven't encountered the plant.

Hi Justin,

This is not immediately identifiable to me.  Can you give me more clues?  Where does the plant grow?  Was it taken from a "wild" area, or from someone's garden?  Can your mother describe the plant, leaves, etc?  Is it a tree or shrub, vine, or just an herbaceous plant?  Does the fruit change color when fully ripe?  That point is very distinctive, and I cannot find any exotic fruit that is even remotely similar.  Did she pick this in Louisiana? If so, which part of the state? Right now, all I could tell you is a whole bunch of things it's not, which does no good at all, lol.  You could quiz your mom some more and get back to me, or perhaps take the fruit to a local nursery, and they might be able to identify it for you.  Sorry I couldn't be of more immediate help.

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