Identifying Unknown Plants/Texas Star?


dee day wrote at 2006-06-26 02:39:50
I have five of the Texas Star Hibiscus in my flower beds. They are just as described, star shaped large 6 to 7 inch red flowers, with the same leaf structure like Marijuana. They are hardy in central Texas and just need to be watered daily if it does not get rain. Mine are in full sun. Cut back after freeze and they will come back next growing season.  

Larry wrote at 2012-12-07 19:23:48
Try pond-plants: Water Hibiscus. It thrives while being submersed in warm water, minus chlorine. The flowers last for only a day, and the leaves look like pot leaves. ... Mine: gets cut back to a heighth of 2 feet when cold weather sets in, and becomes prolific during warm & hot months.  

Identifying Unknown Plants

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