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Iguanas/frequent sneezing?


Reptar\'s under-knee
Reptar's under-knee  
First, thank you very much for your insight, the vet told me his spots are normal and he appeared healthy.  However recently, he has been sneezing!  More than he used to... He has a loss of appetite and the mark on his leg I was referring to hasn't gotten any better.  I want to believe he is safe and healthy as the veterinarian stated, but it is still bothering me...  I think maybe the fact I am only 17 makes people think I'm not a serious customer or have ligament questions.  Or, maybe I am just being paranoid... Included is a picture of his knee.  His aggression is gone, he's siting on my left hand in my palm as I type with the other. (:  I apologize for the blurriness of these pictures, but he IS a baby iguana an refuses to hold still... Where (if it is necessary) can I find ointment and what are we looking at price wise?

Hi Jennessa,
The picture is very hard to see the injury that you are referring to.  The knee is on the hind leg, the elbow is on the front leg.
Sores do take a long time to heal on iguanas.  It is tough not to worry about them..they depend 100% on us for all their you are just being a good and normal owner.
The ointment is just a triple antibiotic ointment..You can get generic brands at places like WalMart and about any other store.  The cost is only a few dollars.  bacitracin or Neosporin are two of the name brands.
One of the biggest causes of not eating is temperatures.  be sure that you are providing proper temps for your little green monster.
Try cutting his food differently..smaller pieces or narrow strips.  
As long as the sneezes aren't producing a mucous  chances are he is just sneezing out more salt. If there is a thick or colored discharge, then that is an infection.  Is his breathing normal?
Iguanas need to have certain bacteria to digest food.  When that bacteria is decreased they don't eat much at all.  To replenish the needed gut bacteria you can use one of the following products.. bene bac...labeled for birds, approved for reptiles. nutri bac acidolophliz+ or plain, human grade Acidophiles...... one capsule will dose for at least 2 days. most often 3-4 days of treatment is recommended but there is no problem with giving for a longer period of time on any of the products. They can also be given on a regular basis 2-3 times a week. BeneBac ..most larger pet stores should carry it...especially if they have birds... Acidophiliz+ I think Pets Mart carries it..if not....on line at
He really is adorable!!  Its so hard for me to remember when mine were that small!!


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