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Serious problem
Serious problem  
Mt iguana has developed these discolorations... I know it has to be an infection of some sort.  Where EXACTLY can the necessary medication be found?  Whst do I need, and how much?

Hi Jennessa,
Are you 100& positive your ig isn't getting burned on some heat source in his cage?  Heating pad? Climbing on top a heat fixture?  Hanging from a heat source?  
The best medication for burns would be Silvadene.  I don't think you can get it anywhere but from a vet.
If it is a fungal infection, it isn't a good idea to treat with an over the counter medication such as Tinactin or even Monistat because it is important to know the type of fungus that the ig has.  If the wrong one is used, it can cause the problem to worsen. That's why a vet is needed to find the strain of fungus so that proper treatment can be prescribed.
If it isn't fungual or burns, Silvadine is still the recommended medication for external use..but many people use the Bacctracin or Neosporin ointment for mild bacterial infections.
Giving a shallow bath in some water that has been diluted to the color of weak tea with Betadine (or generic)can help with some skin problems.  Both, along with Bacatracin and Neosporin and some other medications are available at most any store from $$ stores, Wal Mart, KMart,grocery to drug stores.
It is also always best to put the ig on an oral (by mouth) antibiotic to help fight infections and also to prevent infections if the areas are burns.  They can only be gotten from a veterinarian.
If you are using a loose substrate or bark(which none of are ever recommended) it needs to be removed and use something that is safe.  (see the care sheet I sent earlier) His cage must be kept spotless and needs to be disinfected frequesntly.  For items that are safe to use, and how to use them, see  


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