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My iguana tail
My iguana tail  
My iguana wa trying to runaway and my door was open so I grab his tail and the tail fell off and it looks like some muscle hanging out is this bad and how long does it take to grow back

Hi Traye,
What you see int he tail is completely normal when their tail breaks.  Its important to keep a very clean cage for your iguana now.  It only takes a few days to "scab" over.  It really is hard to tell how long it will take to grow back.  The amount it grows back is also hard to say.  With adult iguanas, the tail may only grow back a small amount or not at all.
With young ones, it will never get to the length it would have been if never broke and the younger the iguana is when the tail was dropped...well those usually grow back a bit more and even faster.  It will never look like an "original" tail but some come pretty darn close  When it starts to grow back it will look like a grey rubber eraser. When it first starts to grow back, it does grow quite a bit pretty quickly then slows down on growing a bit. Do keep in mind that iguanas do grow all of their life.


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