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Iguanas/weird noises?


i don't know if i was sleeping and its normal, but it seems that my iguana is snoring. last night i noticed he was clicking in his sleep and, i wanna say sneezing, its like hes blowing a snot rocket. and something i found weird cuz i never heard it before. he would lift his head, open his mouth, and make a noise that sounded like a very small cat meow. i dont know if hes done it before, its while were in bed. is this normal or should i get him a check up?

Hi Layla,
It sounds like your ig may have a respiratory infection. He needs to see a vet and the sooner the better.  Do make sure his temperatures in his cage are correct. Basking area in the upper 70-s to low 80's and overall temps upper 80's.  Also, try to give him warmer temps at the upper 70's to low 80's.


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I am well versed in all aspects of the care and keeping of green iguanas. This includes all husbandry issues pertaining to the Green Iguana. I am not a vet so I cannot answer medical questions, other than ideas for normal supplementation, removing stuck shed, dropped tail and mites and other general health questions


I own 3 green iguanas, two of which are rescues. I've had my Iguanas for 11 years. I own a yahoo group dedicated to raising healthy iguanas. I've rescued and rehabbed several young iguanas and have placed them in wonderful forever homes. I prefer taking in the "hard cases" that need critical care.

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