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Iguanas/Healing burns, shedding problem??


Hello, it is Jennessa and Reptar again.  We went to the vet, he told us it was in fact burns on his stomach and knee.  Later, after examining his tank, we discovered he is was able to get to the net/mesh lid and hang upside-down under a heating lamp.  This caused the burns.  He provided burn ointment, and we thought that was that.  However, recently, he started to shed on his head, and from hands.  The burns turned to... well... the best description I could offer is yellowish thicker flaps of skin that did not look like normal shedding skin.  He appears very uncomfortable when we attempt to peel a piece off to get a look.  Also, from what we think was also a burn on his neck, he has gotten the same thing.  Only, his spikes seem to fall out.  Not easily, but I notice 3 that are defiantly missing... Do iguanas lose their spikes like baby teeth?  Seems unlikely... I have borrowed a friends Photobucket, and used it to upload some pictures of varies concerning areas.  Once again, any help you could give would be INCREDIBLY helpful.  Here is the URL:  Hope it works, if not, I will try something else.  Thanks again!

Hi Jennessa,
That is what burns will look like as they heal..thick shed...I know..looks nasty, right?  Just keep putting the ointment on the areas.  Don't try to peel it off at all..the areas are very tender right now and it can cause damage to the area. Of course if it starts to drain or gets worse, or, as you are now seeing, it is spreading for no reason,you will have to see the vet again. You might want to ask the vet to do a skin scraping to see if it can possibly be fungal infection at this point. Also, you might want to ask the vet about giving him oral antibiotics.   Its like he is shedding several layers of skin at one time?  Have you ever noticed that his skin looked thicker in some of those areas?
They do not loose their spikes unless damaged in some way.  Apply the ointment to that area also.  The spikes may or may not grow back.  It can actually take years!!
If the vet does put him on an oral antibiotic, it's a good idea to start him on a pro biotic to help keep his needed gut bacteria at a proper level.  Just like with humans, antibiotics do destroy the good bacteria needed for digestion.  Acidophilus is the easiest thing to use if you are unable to get bene bac or acidolophiliz+


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