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Iguanas/My Iguana has a sore and red tongue


My Iguana is 17 years old. Has never had any medical problems. Yesterday when I was feeding it a banana I noticed that there was a sore and red bigger area on the tongue. Is this some kind of sickness or what can this be a indication of? Thank You for your help!
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Hi Michaela,
Congrats on having a 17 yr old iguana!!! Is it possible he licked a heat source?  It looks like that may be what happened.
He may also have bitten his own tongue.
The tip of their tongue is always a darker red than the rest of the tongue but in the picture that looks like it is behind the forked tip of his tongue.
There really isn't anything that you can use in  the mouth that you would have access to without a vet.
I would see if you can find IF he may have burned it on a light or other heat source. Keep a close eye on it and if it starts to even get worse a tiny bit, I would get a vet appointment.


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