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My cage  
QUESTION: I have a Reptisun Terrarium hood (51cm) for my Reptisun 5.0 UVB it's a tube (18" 457mm 15watts T8), also for my heat lamp I have a 75w intense basking spot bulb from Exo terra. I've been giving him Zoo Meds REPTIVITE reptile vitamins. I'm using a ZOO MED digital thermometer. And idk how old the little guy is. But he's about 2 feet long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. And as far as I know his tail has never been broken off. I think I answered all the questions. And I attached 2 photos, one of him in the cage with a tissue box beside it so you can get a feel for how big it is, and the other of the exact measures of the UVB tube

ANSWER: Hi Tyler,
It only allows you to attach one pic... its the one with the tissue box....
Before too long, you will need to build a larger cage for him.  A few things...  the 5.0 tube is fine for now... but as you can see in the care sheet, you will need a longer one soon.
Does that fixture have a plastic covering on it?  If it does, you need to remove it because no uvb can come through the plastic!!!  Be sure to measure the distance from your igs level to the uvb tube... for that one..6-8 inches above your ig...any farther he won't get enough uvb.
It sounds like you are doing a lot of correct things for your ig!!!!  
At 2 ft long, your ig is probably between 9 and 12 months..possibly even older, depending on his previous care before you got him.  
Oh..I do want to point out that your ig would be much more comfortable and safer with wider branches.  They should be 1.5 times your igs width.  Also..they need to be level so that all of his body is at the same level to get warmed up properly and also uvb all over him.  When their entire body can't get warmed up evenly, they can't reach their needed body temperatures and they may even stay under the heat for so long trying to heat up that they will actually over heat, even though their lower body and tail may still be cool, their upper body will be over heated.  
Again, it sounds like you are doing well... be sure to double check the care sheet to make any changes needed such as distance, thermometer placement,and DIET!!!!
As you save money, you can plan on a larger cage and of course a longer uvb light.  
If you want, you can send me a question, but make it private, telling me what part of PA you are in. Also, you can attach that 2nd picture.  I would love to see ALL of your ig!!

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QUESTION: I live in Adams county Pa. There's my ig. He still has the black spot on his back. I've been applying the noespourin daily, but it doesn't look like its gotten worse or better

ANSWER: Hi Tyler,
I am in Luzerne county... so there is a few hrs. distance.
Your Marley  looks OK for all he has gone through with mites..He doesn't look too skinny or bony in the hip area...give him lots of the correct foods and you will be surprised how fast he can grow!! Remember..give him all the food he wants...
Igs take FOREVER to heal!!  It's good that the spot isn't looking worse or bigger...keep using the Neosporin or try another antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin if you have it. Of course if it starts to look worse, a vet visit will be needed.

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QUESTION: Hey it's me again. One day this week marley had broken 2 nails climbing on his cage. I don't know how, but he did. I'm just wandering if they'll ever grow back? It's broken pretty much up to the the beginning of the toe. I just wanted to inform you he is eating nothing but collard and turnip greens now. The spot on his back seems to be getting better and he seems to have a lot more energy. Thank you for all your help

Hi Tyler,
Glad to hear he is getting better!!! Good news to me on the energy!!  So glad to hear a good report.
Nails... well.. 50-50 chance they will grow back.  You just never know.  Sometimes, after months and months or even a year or more...there will be a new nail!!  You just have to wait and see. I have one ig that broke several of hers off  and they all grew back..she has one nail that she tore off and that one never grew back.
They can break them on about anything...just double check to make sure there isn't anything he can snag a claw on or even get it between something and pull it out.  
One of the big reasons for nails breaking off is not enough humidity. be sure to mist his feet and give him long soaks in the tub.
Once you get a large habitat, you can use a warm mist(or cool mist depending on the season) vaporizer or humidifier.  I have mine set up on timers that can be set for 15 minute increments.  This way, I can have them come on for 15 minutes or longer every few hours as needed.  You do need to make sure that the vaporizer is protected from your ig though... making a small cage that is high enough to prevent your ig from getting too close to the hot steam if you are using a warm mist vaporizer/humidifer.
Great on the collards and turnip greens!!!!
In the spring you can plant a variety of greens for your ig to eat.


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